Monday, July 8, 2013

1090 Devon Road, House

Hello! If you're a return visitor, be sure to wade back into some old entries. Since starting this blog,  I've been adding interior shots to past blog entries. I recently added inside shots of the gorgeous 121 LaCrosse and also 420 East End Avenue.

Also, past and current owners have been lending some insight about the properties. I love all the great information in these comments from a former owner of one of the Starr Houses!

Moving along, yesterday, Porter and I drove to Oakland to find 1090 Devon Road. Devon Road sits right across Forbes Avenue from Carnegie Mellon University. 

Well hi!

This very asymmetrical home was designed in 1909 for Charles W. Baird. In The Progressive Architecture of Frederick G. Scheibler, Martin Aurand counts it among Scheibler's "Artistic Houses."

 I felt like there was an optical illusion that made the doorway look extra short from the street, like a gnome's door!

The four-legged resident was very interested in Porter!

I found these photos on Zillow. I love how the staircase is tucked into this room!

Scroll down to see a much older photograph taken from this same angle!

These photos are from The Progressive Architecture of Frederick G. Scheibler. 

The exterior photos show how the home was built into Pittsburgh's hilly terrain, with the rear terrace cut out in an exposed foundation. I love the cone-shaped alcove in the back! Someone could enjoy breakfast there while gazing out over Oakland and the Cathedral of Learning.


  1. The original pendant ceiling lights shown in Fig. 86, 87 & 88 had cast glass ""jewels" from L. C. Tiffany suspended from spun brass bowls. Our house has these same fixtures. It was designed by local Pittsburgh architect F. C. Sauer, and built in 1911. Too bad the original fixtures have been replaced in the Baird house!

    1. Thank you for the comment! Feel free to share any photos of these jewels if you like!