Sunday, April 14, 2013

121 and 129 LaCrosse Street, houses

It's the weekend! Let's get a move on!

Porter J. 

Porter and I made our way into Edgewood to see three of Scheiblers "art houses:" 115, 121 and 129 LaCrosse Street.  Edgewood sits unassumingly on the outskirts of Regent Square and Swissvale and surprises you when it reveals some of its sprawling, gorgeous homes.

The three LaCrosse Street homes were built for William M. Ebberts in 1910. Sadly, I didn't get close enough to see the art-glass irises that are supposed to adorn the outside entry doors and inside cupboard doors!

Update! January 9, 2017: 121 LaCrosse is for sale!
Check out these beautiful photos and the listing.


I love the landing!


Bonus pics! Here are some old shots from a previous listing:


These photos are of 129 LaCrosse:

Let's take a peek inside 129!


  1. Thank you. this will save me from having to take my "pet" Sonata to all these places.

    1. Thank you so much for the comment! It's great to know that someone besides me is reading this!

  2. Hey there - this is so fun! we just bought 121 Lacrosse St. If you and your pup ever want to come by, you are welcome! The last owners left a copy of the blueprints which are really cool, too.
    Thanks for the fun blog!

    1. Thank you so much for the comment! I'm thrilled! Enjoy your beautiful home. If you really wouldn't mind a short visit, my email is! I should drive by anyway now that Edgewood is in bloom!