Tuesday, April 9, 2013

425 - 435 Biddle Avenue Row Houses

I was excited to see Biddle Avenue addresses on the list of Scheibler buildings, because I like any chance to scope out the coffee shop Biddle's Escape. So, this morning, Porter and I hit the sidewalk. 

He doesn't have a twinkle in his eye here, because he's mad that I'm holding up our walk to make him pose for photos. As a rescue, his personal motto is "Never look back!" So, alright Porter--onward!

We found these row houses from 1910. Once again, not so obviously Scheibler-y, unless you're really looking for the details. I wonder what they look like inside? There was a woman tending to her yard when I got there, and I regret not introducing myself and telling her about my project. She would have either gotten irritated ("Get off my lawn!") or talked to me about her Scheibler home. 

Whimsical, windy walkway

The rear is not quite elegant, but I do like Scheibler's nooks and crannies.

The brick building you see on the left side of this photo is 204 West Street, which is presented in the post right below this one. The two buildings are directly next to each other. 

Update: I went back and took another photo after Spring sprung!

Even better!

Update again: Regent Square Rentals posted photos of the interior of 425 on their website!


  1. Hi - You should have stopped to talk with the woman working on the yard. She would have loved to talk with you about the Scheibler townhouse. It was me! I was renting at that time. If you'd like to see photos of the inside, I can send you some.

    1. Hi Maria! Thank you so much for commenting! I would love to see photos! Wow! You can send them to jolene.miklas@truesense dot com if you like! (I hope I just tricked all the spammers with that .com)

  2. I love Scheibler also! I have really enjoyed reading about the different homes in the area that were designed by him. Love
    In case you were unaware, 433 biddle, the one with the green trim, is going for sherif sale on Nov. 6 2017. Starting bid is 7000. Unfortunately is it a blind sale and you can't look inside before buying. Allegheny County web site rates it as a D+ in fair condition. I think most of the row houses have been refurbished.
    If your interested in a fixer-upper Scheibler, heres your chance.