Sunday, April 7, 2013

Arden Apartments, 7710 Waverly Street

Ready to go! Porter and I headed from Braddock down Waverly to find the Arden Apartments, designed 1904.

I knew this building, but didn't recognize it as a Scheibler building at first.

This photo from Martin Aurand's book on Scheibler shows what the Arden Apartments must have looked like not too long ago, with a stained glass entry depicting a ship. 

Aurand writes that the ship was copied out of a book on contemporary English architecture and decoration. He suggests that this was Scheibler's first custom-fabricated art glass. 

From the book "The Progressive Architecture of Frederick G. Scheibler," published in 1994.

Back to today… The ship is gone.



Side, and original red color

We wandered inside a little.   

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