Monday, April 15, 2013

5670, 5674, 5702 and 5706 Beacon Street, houses

Back to Squirrel Hill!

Beagle in Springtime

I showed you the cottages on Beacon. Now let's look at 4 more houses designed in 1912 for Albert Q. Starr (who commissioned the homes we looked at here on Denniston).

5670 Beacon has a nice balcony and, if you peer through the arch, you'll see a lovely feature of the front door: it comes out and faces the world on a diagonal.

Here's a clearer shot of that balcony over the front door.

Let's keep walking to 5674, which sits up a little bit above Beacon Street.

Sorry, owners of 5674. Porter is a little nosy.

as am I.

5702: pretty!

The inside of 5702 seems to have been renovated quite a bit over the years.

Hey, a built-in! It doesn't look original to me, though.

And here is 5706, which has some privacy hedges that blocked my prying eyes. I do love the asymmetrical shape of this home. 

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  1. 5674 Beacon seems to have lost one of Scheibler's hallmark features: a balconet above the gable hood of the front door. If you look closely at the picture you can see discolorations/markings in the brick and mortar work that strongly suggests that something was there. The current double hung window was probably a pair of French doors at one time. Interesting arrangement of slates for the roof treatment is an artistic signature of Scheibler. Love his houses, even these modest ones are out of the ordinary and I'd love to own and live in one of these.