Saturday, April 13, 2013

2526 Braddock Avenue, house

What fun! According to The Progressive Architecture of Frederick G. Scheibler, Jr., this morning we visited the very oldest Scheibler building.

The only older building (Scheibler's own cottage at 7405 Washington Street, Swissvale, built in 1897) was demolished and is now the site of a gas station.

This more-conventional 5-bedroom home was built in 1901 for a Swissvale grocer, Edward A. Kitzmiller.

From the outside, the lone Scheibler detail (art class windows which you would have seen in the very corner of the second story, in this photo) have been replaced.

However, the inside reveals the Scheibler touch. Writes Gretchen McKay from a 2002  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article, which you can find here:

"The interior, conversely, is not so traditional, reflecting Scheibler's fondness for quaint, Old World details. Carved wooden cornices adorn the tops of the first-floor windows, and built-in window seats overlook both the front and back yards. One corner of the 16-by-13-foot dining room holds a built-in china closet and a decorative wooden mantel adds warmth and charm. The fireplace in the 13-by-14-foot living room is crafted from stone. There is also a built-in bench with storage underneath in the 12-by-5-foot entryway."

Of course!

Porter and I crossed the street to get a better shot of this house, only to discover that there isn't much sidewalk over there. Whoopsie! Nothing like putting yourself in danger for a good blog.

This house was up for sale in 2002. The asking price was $75,000. Here's a link to the Post-Gazette article about this house.


  1. I live here. And I love my house. Spring is a tough time for the front of this house though. It's looking much cheerier now that we have planted some flowers and the green is happening. Come by again and ring the doorbell - we'll invite you in.

    1. Oh my goodness! I'm so excited that you left and comment, but I'm especially glad that you're not offended that your house is part of this project. I would be delighted to take some more pictures with the flowers in place.
      My email is if you would like to tell me a better day or time to come. Otherwise, you may just see a Beagle in your yard.
      Thank you! Very much!