Thursday, April 11, 2013

Rockledge, 579 Briar Cliff Road, house

Rockledge, built in 1910, isn't very visible from the road. You have to sort of brazenly balance on some rocks across the street (which belong to 584, another Scheibler house!) while holding tight to your Beagle.

tucked in...
Rockledge has a counterpart, the "Scott House," in Philadelphia. Martin Aurand describes Rockledge as "more upright and uptight."

A little closer...

I love the steps!

It was named for its naturally rocky surroundings and sits over a wonderfully whimsical garden wall.  While I'm stuck in rush hour traffic at the intersection of Forbes and Braddock, I like imagining a gnome living on the other side of this surprise wooden door. It helps me lighten up a bit.

Here is a photo from Martin Aurand's The Progressive Architecture of Frederick G. Scheibler, as well as a floor plan. Incredible! Click the floor plan to enlarge it.

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