Sunday, April 7, 2013

Old Heidelberg Cottages, 401-403 South Braddock Avenue and 7612-7614 Waverly

Before I go to bed tonight, let's head back to my favorite Scheibler spot, the Old Heidelberg. In 1908, Scheibler added 2-story cottages to apartment building. They wrap around the property from Braddock Avenue to Waverly.

Like this:

Credit for this goes to, as usual, Martin Aurand

You can see photos of the interiors if you click here. 

But first, check out how the crocuses (croci?) bloomed all the heck over the East End this week!

Porter: always ready to share my enthusiasm 

In The Progressive Architecture of Frederick G. Scheibler, Martin Aurand writes that there is no evidence that Scheibler originally intended to expand the Old Heidelberg. Robinson and Bruckman, who commissioned the apartments, didn't own all of the property around it until after the Old Heidelberg was built.

But in 1908-09, Scheibler added four cottages to the building's north end, a single cottage on the south end, and a house on the adjacent property.  They definitely add to the building's rambling and random quality.


All of the Old Heidelberg dwellings have front and back doors, which lends to lots of nooks and crannies. Check out the arch!

Close-up on the cattails!

Rear windows

Here is a post card depicting the Old Heidelberg with the Waverly Cottages.


  1. 403 - my old apartment! I love Scheibler, too...and have a 1/2 beagle!

    1. Lucky you -- it's a beautiful space! Thank you so much for commenting! If you want to share any photos of the interior (or of your sweet Beagle mix!), let me know!