Sunday, April 7, 2013

Whitehall Apartments, 201 East End Avenue

I used to refer to this beautiful building a "mini-Heidelberg." The layout is pretty much identical, but smaller. It shares the window seats, fireplaces and built-in china cabinets, in all the same places as the Heidelberg. The Whitehall Apartments, designed in 1906 along with the Linwood Apartments, are a very short dog walk from the Old Heidelberg.

They amount to one-half of the original Old Heidelberg, with two apartments on each of the three floors. Like the Old Heidelberg, the apartments each have an art glass flower in their front door, as well as window seats, built-in china cabinets and fireplaces in the living and dining rooms.

I toured a second floor condo in 2013, hoping that I might buy it. At that time, it had been sorely neglected and needed a massive rehab and update. Many of the walls and ceilings were crumbling. The kitchen was not equipped with a refrigerator, and the real estate agent who took me through was not sure there was adequate electricity to have a fridge in that room. The apartment still used knob and tube electricity, and there were limited outlets. It sold for $70,000, to someone else.


Interior door

Interior, one of the living rooms leading to the balcony 
Interior, one of the living rooms

Interior, one of the bedrooms 

Interior, view from a living room into foyer, dining room, then kitchen

UPDATE ON JANUARY 16, 2016: How exciting! TWO of the condos are for sale right now!

Unit 1 is listed for $165,000.

Unit 6 is listed for $175,000.

Here are some photos.

Unit 6:



Unit 1:





  1. Thanks for posting these photos! Great blog. Take care!

  2. They are now sold, but in good hands (I know who bought them). One may become available for rent, tho.