Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Hamilton Cottages, 5629 - 5669 Beacon Street

I love Squirrel Hill, and any chance to walk my Beagle past coffee shops, pizza parlors (people don't say "parlors"), movie theaters, and plenty of places for tea, curry, ice cream and even waffles.

Sunday was a very good day to pursue the Scheibler treasure hunt, because it was one of my favorite days of the year -- 61 cent day at the 61C Cafe! Every year on their birthday, they offer 61-cent espresso drinks. I plan my whole day around it.

Their spinach and feta scones are our favorite breakfast. 

With the help of some caffeine, we headed up Beacon to what is now called Beacon Commons, owned by Walnut Capital. These 21 cottages were reportedly "lovingly restored and completely updated" in 2000, but some original details from 1910 and 1911, particularly the doors, seem to remain. You can see some photos of the interiors on Walnut Capital's website. Click here. 

In Frederick Scheibler's Day, they were called the Hamilton Cottages. They were commissioned by Robinson and Bruckman, who also commissioned the Old Heidelberg. They're made of red brick with six rooms in two stories.

Once again, Scheibler shows great appreciation for the outdoors. You can now park in the (relatively new) parking lot in front of the cottages, but you can't drive up to the front doors. You have to take a meandering walkway on foot. 

View from Beacon. 

This just in: I found these photos of 5629 Beacon Street on I did not take them:

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