Monday, April 8, 2013

728-730 East End Avenue, Duplex

Porter enjoyed his own treasure hunt on this day.

Mom. A giraffe. I found a giraffe, mom. 

Let's head back down East End Avenue, towards the Regent Square restaurants. One of the reasons why this Scheibler treasure hunt is so much fun is because, as we walk, I can sometimes guess from afar which house is the Scheibler house. Very often, it's the one that doesn't blend in with the rest! 

Hey, pretty duplex!  
The date on this building is 1914.

I snapped this photo from the rear because the garage was listed as a separate Scheibler building, but checking it out (and photographing it) only made me feel like a stalker. It was finished in 1922. 

This duplex has the lovely quality of looking, to any observer, like a single family home. 

Thanks for looking!

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