Saturday, April 20, 2013

McLaughlin House, 5844 Marlborough Road

Taking my treasure hunt to Marlborough Road in Squirrel Hill was a thrill because, as the addresses got closer to 5844, I knew it was going to happen again... The house I'd long admired from afar turned out to be a Scheibler house! 

5844, you are just my type!

Years ago, when my mom and I first discovered the neighborhood of Squirrel Hill, we'd park on Marlborough to visit the library, the tea shops and the Mediterranean Grill. This house is smaller and less ostentatious than its neighbors, but I think it's the most elegant and interesting-looking home on the block. I love the windowed front. 

As I type this from my seat in Dobra Tea, my sweet mom just suggested that I zoom my photos out a little so the homeowners don't feel quite so stalked. I reminded her that I am relentlessly optimistic that, instead, one of the Scheibler homeowners will find my blog and invite me inside to peek around!

Martin Aurand compares the McLaughlin house to "a house of cards," with a porch that "springs out of a void."

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  1. I have seen this house in person many times and in fact, I make it a point to walk past it every time or nearly every time I visit Squirrel Hill. It is so fresh and almost modernist looking for a house that is almost 100 years old now. Most people would probably think that this house has been modernized over the years, especially compared with the surrounding houses. However, it has not been and we owe that to its outstanding and progressive architect, Frederick Scheibler and also all of the owners of this house over the years for taking such good care of this architectural gem. Thank you again for this blog.