Thursday, February 4, 2016

6349 Jackson Street Home

Stay tuned! I'm working on a post about 6349 Jackson Street.

Update: You can find that new post here. And, here are some photos from the house's recent real estate listing, below:


  1. I am the new owner of this gem since May 1' 2016 and am in the midst of restoring the living/dining room. The second owner removed art glass panels and mahogany room divider panels. Fortunately, they were stored in the servants quarters iabove the garage. They are being repaired and reinstalled and I am removing paint from all the mahogany wood wood. Contact me if interested in a tour.

    1. Hello Fred! How is the renovation going? I would love to see photos of your beautiful home and post them on this blog! - Jolene and the Beagle