Wednesday, May 31, 2017

132 Braddock Road Home

Will I see you at the lecture

Abigail and I made a fun discovery online tonight: photos of 132 Braddock Road.

This house has been updated quite a bit since it was designed for Louis T. Frederick in 1915. Lucky for us, one closet is unmistakably Scheibler's ... you'll know it when you see it! The top of the staircase looks familiar too.

Another exciting detail: the photos taken from the inside seem to show a front door on an angle, like 5670 Beacon.

Let's look around!

Check out the front door!

This garage is not unlike the little building I parked inside when I lived in the Old Heidelberg.

Beautiful old (original?) door! Where is the art glass?


That's what we came for!


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