Thursday, May 2, 2013

1330 - 1366 Singer Place, row houses

Tonight, we headed into Wilkinsburg, which is just brimming with Scheibler buildings. 

Porter hitches a ride.

The Singer Place row houses (or "group cottages," as Scheibler called them) sit perched on a grassy hill.
These 19 homes were designed in 1914. They have lovely windowed sun porches and make great use of the yard. In his book Life and Architecture in Pittsburgh, James Van D. Trump writes that Frederick Scheibler had "an almost unearthly sense of the connection between the house and the land." He writes of these homes:

"The long terraces of row houses in the 1300 block of Singer Place are good examples of the designer's middle period- beautifully simple, they seem like strata of brick and glass emerging from the wooded hillside."

Each pair of homes also has its own tile on the front.

Frederick G. Scheibler was among the progressive architects of his time who sought to improve living for the working and middle class.

Just another reason why I love him!

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