Wednesday, May 1, 2013

7521 Graymore Road, House

We recently looked at the very memorable Parkstone Dwellings, which were commissioned by siblings Harry and Rose Rubins. 

Rose commissioned 7521 Graymore Road, and there's a hint of the Parkstone Dwellings in them -- a slight nod to the tiled "Oriental rugs" that hang over the side. This tiled design spruces (Scheiblers!) up a two-story window seat on an otherwise plainer house. 

There is also an original tile over the front door.

Graymore Road is a treasure hunt in itself. It's just steps off of Braddock Avenue, across from the Old Heidelberg, and borders the eastern edge of Frick Park. The little cluster of out-of-the-way homes is quiet and hilly.

The winding road down to the noise and traffic of Braddock Avenue. 

Graymore Road is a private road, the kind where people look out from their yards as though to say, "How did you even find us?" But Porter and I headed that way anyway. I can't imagine a girl with a camera can look very threatening with this face in tow.

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  1. My wife and I live here if you and your beagle ever wanted to come around again for tour. love site