Sunday, May 5, 2013

2619 Shady Avenue and 6243 Monitor Street, houses

After yesterday's post from Homewood, I promised my mom that I would stick to a friendlier neighborhood today! So, it was back to Squirrel Hill and back to 1912.

We already looked at the Beacon Street houses from the same year and neighborhood. Here are 2619 Shady Avenue and its sibling, right around the corner at 6243 Monitor.

2619 Shady Avenue 

2619 Shady Avenue 

6243 Monitor Street

6243 Monitor Street with 2619 Shady yonder

6243 Monitor Street, with 2619 Shady yonder


Two days after I posted this entry, the 6243 Monitor Street sold for $245,000. I found these photos on the realtor's website.

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  1. They look like Scheibler houses that have been insensitively modernized. While they look very original on the exterior, at least the one that recently sold, has been modernized to resemble a 1950s era house. The simple heating registers seen in the real estate listing pictures are typical to the 1940s up to the present day and are certainly not from 1912. The wrought iron railing on the staircase too is so typical of 1950s two story houses and is certainly not a detail Scheibler would have been using in his 1912 house designs. The windows of course, look like typical newer white vinyl clad double hung style replacement windows. There are no muntins! Scheibler would have never done this! No way! However, I think the exteriors are very 'Scheiblery.' The steep pitched gable roofs were used on many of Scheibler's designs. Also, the odd, yet whimsical and very inconspicuous little detail of siding used in a triangular area to the right of the chimney in both houses. The irregular position of the chimneys in each of these houses, the simple, unadorned columns, square on one house and round on the other and the use of French doors over the entry door in an upstairs bedroom are all details that have appeared on Scheibler houses. Unfortunately, the house at 2619 Shady Avenue has undergone one of those insensitive remodelings that has deprived this house of some of its unique character. Most glaring is the elimination of the French doors in the upstairs bedroom over the main entry door. And that horrendous porch roof extension over the front door!