Sunday, June 30, 2013

Craft Avenue Apartments: 300 Craft Avenue

Let's visit some early work! Today's treasure hunt is taking us way back to 1901, the first year that Frederick Scheibler's architecture started showing up (with one exception - the cottage he designed for himself in 1897).

The Craft Avenue Apartments are nestled in between a gas station and Oakland's hospitals. It's hard to imagine artful architecture holding up in the land of undergraduate housing. Apparently, this building has been substantially altered over the years.

In The Progressive Architecture of Frederick G. Scheibler, Martin Aurand writes that 300 Craft Avenue is a colonial apartment building built for the United Real Estate and Construction Company.

He writes,
"This building is part of a complex of five apartment buildings built by company president William G. Price, Jr. in late 1901 and early 1902. Four of the buildings were of related design (one has been destroyed by fire). The fifth is presumably the Scheibler project."

I just realized that my Subaru is one of the characters in this blog.

Nothing too exciting in here.

Aha! A stained glass window! Looking good...I wonder how many of these used to be stained glass.

There were go ,,, some Scheiblery balconies.


I love the contrast of the 112-year-old building against the hospital landscape.


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