Saturday, June 22, 2013

Whipple Street Houses: 7304, 7308, 7309, 7312, 7313, 7316, 7317, 7320, 7321, 7324, 7325 and 7328

Hey! Today we're headed to Swissvale, and the years 1904 and 1905 to see 12 houses that popped up right before the Old Heidelberg


These homes looked, to me, like such quintessential "Pittsburgh Houses" that I would never have guessed that they are Frederick G. Scheibler's. They sit along the same block on Whipple Street, which used to be called Alice Avenue, and were commissioned by David B. Little and George H. Pfeil.

From the outside, I'm hard-pressed to point out any Scheibler signature details. However, provides some interior photos with the stained glass windows and built-in cabinets I expected!

7304 Whipple Street - born in 1905

7308 Whipple Street - born in 1905

7308 again

Zillow offers this shot of the inside of 7308. 

7309 Whipple Street -  1904

7309 again - hello!

7312 Whipple Street -  1905

7312 again
We get to peek inside 7312!

7312 Whipple


7313 Whipple Street -  1904

Gorgeous foyer of 7313

Inside of 7313 

Kitchen in 7313

7316 Whipple Street -  1905

7316 again

7317 Whipple Street - 1904

7320 Whipple Street -  1905
7321 Whipple Street -  1904

7324 Whipple Street -  1905

7325 Whipple Street, which I thought was the most interesting of the group.
7325 again, with a view of the side.  1904.

7328 Whipple Street -  1905

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  1. Hi, I am leading a team of surveyors this summer that are surveying every building in Pittsburgh for the city. We do a bit of surveying for historic character, so I try to keep them informed about cool architectural things they may encounter in each neighborhood. Your blog has some great info! We are going to be working in Homewood this week, and I was putting together some info on Homewood architecture and Scheibler. Do you know much about the Kismet and Syria apartments he designed on Bennett? I believe there was a third apartment called Nelda that burned, and I was curious if you knew if the other two are still standing. I've enjoyed reading your blog and will share some of the info on Scheibler with my surveyors!