Sunday, June 30, 2013

115 LaCrosse Street, House

Today I discovered interior photographs of the LaCrosse Street houses online. So, let's revisit them!

I did not take the interior shots myself. However, if anyone who lives inside a Scheibler building ever wants to invite me inside, I'll bring cookies! And an impossibly cute Beagle, if you like dogs.

Today I'll start with 115 LaCrosse, in Edgewood. I took these exterior photos back in April before springtime bloomed in Edgewood. You can visit its neighbors and siblings, 121 and 129 LaCrosse, by clicking here.

Gorgeous yard

Now, let's go inside! These photos are from the realtor's website.

This green tile fireplace looks very much like fireplaces inside the Old Heidelberg cottages.

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